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First complete private climbing gym in Cyprus

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Our company Ungravity Rock Wall Ltd is a company dealing with rock climbing activities that was founded by Andreas Theofanous, a climbing addict and expert of the sport.

Our new indoor climbing gym called Ungravity Climbing opened its door on December 2018 in Nicosia. In order to provide indoor and outdoor services related to this particular sport (leisure, exercising, training etc).

Being the first complete private climbing gym in the country (with bouldering & lead wall), we aim to attract more people towards a sport that is under vast progression globally, and as a plus help in the evolvement of the sport in Cyprus.

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Discover the Thrill of Outdoor Climbing with Ungravity!

Are you ready to elevate your rock climbing experience in Cyprus? Whether you’re a seasoned climber or a beginner eager to scale new heights, Ungravity offers outdoor climbing adventures that combine challenge and excitement. Our expert instructors will guide you through breathtaking locations, ensuring your safety and helping you master essential techniques. Join us for an unforgettable adventure that promises skill development and lasting memories. Your next climbing journey starts here—let’s conquer new peaks together with Ungravity!

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Casale Hotel Kalopanagiotis
ungravity climbing EU standards
Safety Standards

Our gym (climbing walls and floor surfaces) is compliant with all necessary standards and specifications.

ungravity climbing facilities

200+ square meters of climbing surface (bouldering and lead wall). Free wifi. Free parking. Free lockers

ungravity climbing classes

We offer classes for ages 6 and above, so don’t worry if you haven’t tried climbing before.

experience instructors
Experienced Instructors

Want to know more about climbing? Just pay us a visit, call us or contact us online. Our experienced staff can help you.