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We are beginners and we have not tried climbing before. How can we start?

You can absolutely have a go and try climbing, irrelevant of previous experience / knowledge on climbing or physical performance.

Simply give us a drop-in visit (day-pass costs 9) and there is always an instructor available to assist you with a short introductory demo, on how to start safely and take your first vertical steps. Climbing is a fun and activity, which can start from very low difficulty level, as if climbing a ladder, and be protected at the same time by mattress on the floor, in case of fall. The only equipment you will need is the climbing shoes, which you can rent on spot for an additional 3. Therefore, just show up in a training outfit and in a mood to play.

What are the operating hours?

Monday – Friday | 11:00 – 21:00

Saturday | 10:00 – 18:00

Sunday | Closed

Is it mandatory to book a session?

For adults no, it is not mandatory to book a session. You may simply drop-in, purchase a day- pass and have a free-practice session.

Do I need special equipment?

You will only need climbing shoes. If you do not have them, you will rent a pair of shoes on spot for 3 euro extra.

Can I climb with my sports shoes?

Climbing on the walls is ONLY allowed with climbing shoes. For hygiene reasons it is not allowed to climb on street/sport shoes.

Can I buy shoes?

No, we do not sell climbing shoes. Nevertheless, you can rent a pair of shoes on spot.

Is the gym open on holidays?

The gym is closed on public holidays (bank holidays).

How to get there by public transport?

You can get here by bus No. 259 / 215 / 11 / 12. Drop of at the bus-stop “Elia Papakiriakou”. From there walk into the “Georgiou Seferi” street and follow the signs for Ungravity Climbing. Not more than 250 meters walking.

Can I pay by card?

Yes, card-payments are feasible by almost all types of VISA/MASTERCARD.

Can I pay for a single session?

Yes, the day-pass costs 9 euro (8 student).

Are there any packages for students?

Yes, typically students get approximately 10% discount on basic packages.

Can I drop my kids for climbing?

According to the gym safety rules, kids under 15 years old are ONLY allowed to climb under supervision. This means that either an adult should be climbing with them (parent / guardian) OR a climbing instructor. For the second option, a private session should be booked in advance at any convenient hour of your choice, within the operating hours.
Additionally, the youngest age that kids can participate in indoor climbing at Ungravity Climbing Gym is 6 year old since a child younger than that cannot have the full experience due to the arrangement of the climbs.
We also provide climbing kids classes for ages 6-17. They need to register under a monthly subscription and join specific classes once OR twice a week. Please consult an administrator to get informed for currently available positions for kids.
Finally, children between 6-14 years old will only be allowed to enter the training area under adult or instructor guidance.

ungravity climbing EU standards
Safety Standards

Our gym (climbing walls and floor surfaces) is compliant with all necessary standards and specifications.

ungravity climbing facilities

200+ square meters of climbing surface (bouldering and lead wall). Free wifi. Free parking. Free lockers

ungravity climbing classes

We offer classes for ages 6 and above. So don’t worry if you haven’t tried climbing before.

experience instructors
Experienced Instructors

Want to know more about climbing? Just pay us a visit, call us or contact us online. Our experienced staff can help you.